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About us is a a small but growing web design and development company, our experience will help your business achieve the presence it needs in today's competitive world.

  Many years of experience, has resulted in us becoming successful in the web designing industry. The direct beneficiaries of our success are, of course, our clients. They enjoy professional service at very competitive prices, and, most importantly, an experienced designing group they can highly rely on.

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Candy & Chocolate Creations

Kosher Baskets by Candy & Chocolate Creations
9/11/2009, 12:30 PM

Candy & Chocolate Creations is your leading retailer of fine imported Kosher candies and chocolates in Canada.

After many year of successful business in their local Montreal store and through the phone, they chose to expand their business to the web.

The owners of Candy & Chocolate Creations were referred to by a satisfied customer, and naturally they are satisfied as well of the great job done by
Client: Candy & Chocolate Creations
Description: Fine Imported Kosher Candies and Chocolates Gift Baskets for all Occasions
Frontend: Company & contact information and downloadable flyer

About the client - excerpted from their website:

Candy & Chocolate Creations is a leading retailer of fine imported Kosher candies and chocolates in Canada.

Candy & Chocolate Creations specializes in creating unique Kosher gift Baskets for all Jewish holidays and special occasions.

For any occasion, like Shabbos, Rosh Hashana, Sukkos, Chanukah, Tu B'shvat, Purim, Pesach, Shavuos, Mazel Tov, Baby, Upsherin, Bar Mitzvah, Vort, Tenoyim, Aufruf, Kallah, Sheva Brochos, Corporate Baskets, Anniversary, Birthday, Get Well, Graduation, New Home, Thank You, Camp Package, Holidays, Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines Day and whatever else you can think of, the Kosher gift basket source is Candy & Chocolate Creations.

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