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Mitzvah Family™

Mitzvah Family™ launches their website
9/22/2005, 4:30 PM

Mitzvah Family™ has launched their new website powered by Mitzvah Family™ is a toy manufacturer and importer with a distinct objective; to create safe, quality toys with a Jewish theme that will bring infants and children hours of pleasure.

Mitzvah Family™ has chosen to create their website as a tool to market their products to retailer and consumers alike. The site created features a database-powered online catalogue, which showcases all their products conveniently categorized.

Client: Mitzvah Family™
Description: Educational Juvenile Judaica Toys.
Frontend: Marketing site showing full product list.
Backend: Administration options to add products and send newsletters.

About the client - excerpted from their website:

Welcome to the Mitzvah Family™ world, where we believe your infant deserves toys as unique and individual as they are!

Our Objective

Mitzvah Family™ was established with a distinct objective: To create safe, quality toys with a Jewish theme that will bring infants and children hours of pleasure. To that end, we've designed delightful Jewish characters that are sure to tickle the fancy of your little ones.

All our products are of exceptional quality - safe, durable and adorable - precisely what your adorable child deserves. We carefully select the materials for our toys to ensure that they retain their softness even after repeated washing. Like heirlooms, our plush and downy toys can be passed from one generation of babies to another.

Mitzvah Family™ characters are based on objects that exemplify Jewish culture and traditions. Whether it's a torah, a mezzuzah, a siddur (prayer book), or a pushka (charity box), our playthings can jumpstart your child's knowledge of Judaism. Furthermore, the tunes they sing are classic Jewish melodies, pertaining to the character.

Our Commitment

We at Mitzvah Family™ are committed to providing you with the highest standards in safety and quality. Our products comply with all applicable government safety regulations and conform to the safety requirements of ASTM F963.

When babies play, toys are bound to get dirty. All our plush characters are hand-washable in cold water, making them as practical as they are fun.

Our Service

Service is a priority at Mitzvah Family™. If you've purchased a Mitzvah Family™ product and it is defective in any way, please contact us. We'll do everything possible to rectify the problem.

We welcome your suggestions and advice. Feel free to offer either.

Our Credo

The memories of childhood endure forever... That's the premise Mitzvah Family™ is based on.

Envelop your baby in love, caring and... the most enticing Judaica toys on the market!

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